"Kari has an intuitive nature and a calm and steady approach when meeting with her clients. It was both helpful and enjoyable speaking with her about my diet and lifestyle choices. She has achieved so much on her own with regards to health issues that one cannot help but take her recommendations and literally run with them." ~ Paula R., age 41


"It was a gift to work with Kari as a Health Coach. Behavior change is not easy, yet I was able to integrate an increase in positive health habits into my everyday life. I now regularly drink more water, eat less sugar, and look at nourishing my body and my life with a greater abundance of good food and good energy. Kari's coaching style is gracious, warm and motivating for me. She is an excellent listener and knows that her clients have to own their own desire for greater health and that the answer is inside each person to discover. She provides the guidance for that discovery to happen. I think of specific concerns we talked about during our sessions and insights gained from them have helped me to be able to coach myself on a number of occasions since then. I will continue to utilize Kari's expertise and skills to help stay on a path for holistic health and wellness."~ Rose H. age 60


"Working with Kari has been a great compliment in my quest to become a healthier, happier person. She is very supportive, patient, wise, and a fantastic listener. Seeing her helped me to be accountable to the changes I decided to make in my eating habits, and she was there to guide me through my struggles as well as celebrate my accomplishments. It is amazing what wonderful changes I have made and continue to make in my relationship with food. For anyone wanting to make real transformations in their lives and health, I recommend having Kari as a coach and guide!" ~Selena F. age 36


"Kari is a gift in my life. She saw through all the things I was trying so hard to deal with. She helped me re-find my own voice and honor it. Finally someone who can talk about food issues without a hidden allegiance to a certain method of eating or diet, but rather an allegiance to us each as human beings who will in fact do the right thing for ourselves when supported. Thank you, Kari!"~Rosie S. age 48


"Going into a health coaching environment, I was very apprehensive about how it might work out. If it was all about exercising more and eating less, everyone would be healthy right? However, Kari helped me piece by piece identify elements of my life that did not need to be completely changed, but simply adjusted. This made changes vast in impact, but did not feel change that would be different to keep up long term. From adjusting my eating and drinking habits, creating a more structured sleeping schedule, all the way to balancing stress, her holistic approach allowed me to make great strides in my personal health goals."~Christian K. age 30