Private Sessions with
Kari Swenson MS, HHC, E-RYT500
Holistic Coaching, Energy Work and Yoga

Allow me to hold safe, sacred space for you to relax, reset, share & heal.

Sessions take place at my home office in Victor, Idaho or through

remote sessions via phone or Zoom.​ To schedule your appointment, contact me at

651.354.0019 or

Rebalance Sessions

During a Rebalance session,

I use guided relaxation, coaching,

Reiki & other Energy Medicine tools to help clients to reconnect to their inner joy, wisdom and body's innate ability to heal itself.

As a Subtle Energy Practitioner, I work with your subtle energy body (i.e. meridians, chakras and auric field) to support the release and healing of old trauma, stress, and emotional patterns to unlock the door to feeling more aligned to your true self.

This session is for your if you desire to:

  • Align to your inner wisdom and truth

  • Make lifestyle changes

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Support your body in healing from injury, illness or surgery

  • Heal old patterns and traumas (without needing to go into the story of the trauma) 

  • Learn self-care practices that are required when you are transforming from the old to the new

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Heal chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce & heal pain 

  • Release stress

  • Feel grounded and rebalanced

Sessions are available by sliding scale:

60 minute: $75 - $100

90 minute: $110 - $130

I do not diagnose or treat any illness, disease or physical or mental disorder. The techniques I share do not substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions or disorders.

Yoga for Your Body Sessions 

Through my gentle and approachable teaching style, I guide individuals and small groups in nourishing, yoga classes tailored for your needs. Classes can include Energy Medicine Yoga, gentle or restorative yoga, and sound healing.


Private sessions or classes can take place at my home greenhouse studio or via Zoom. I also can create video practices tailored for your body's needs.

Contact me for pricing.

"I recently had my first reiki session with Kari and am still amazed at how powerful the healing benefits of that session are. With chronic soreness on the left side of my body from my neck to hip, I didn’t expect the results I felt in just one hour. At the end of my session something had shifted physically and energetically in a very subtle way and my entire body tingled. I practically floated off the table and felt clear of things I didn’t even know I had to let go off.  If you know Kari, you know she emanates clarity, peace and love. She’s a wonderful healer."

~ Alison Brush,

"Kari has natural skill and talent to know just exactly what I need at any given time; her intuitive capabilities are unmatched in this area and she is such a huge gift in my life.  I appreciate her so much!!  Kari has a healing ability that dives deep and I have sought her guidance through Reiki as well.  My emotional well-being would not be the same without her and I truly believe that as a mountain mermaid, she calls us to dive into our depths to heal our deepest wounds.  Kari has my highest recommendations and if you have the chance to experience her grace, your life will be forever changed. " ~Melanie S.  

I have the deep honor to receive healing and guidance from Kari in many forms. Her gentle demeanor, intuitive spirit and uplifting personality are centering for me on the yoga mat and her reiki table. To me Kari embodies the water element, gracefully flowing through the highs and lows of life. She leads by example as she honors her physical/spiritual/mental needs to maintain balance in her self and in her environment. Kari's yoga classes ground me and assist me in opening my heart. Through her guidance I return to center and to my breath. I breath out the old and breath in the new. Kari makes her students feel accepted and seen which is why my partner Blaine and I asked her to facilitate a surprise private birthday yoga class for his mother's 60th birthday. She led us through a heart centering flow which was beautiful for the beginners and the more experienced yogis alike, Her suggested postures, words, singing and sound bowls deeply connected us as a family and brought us to tears. It was an incredibly bonding experience to share. I also look forward to Kari's chanting classes each month. I am grateful that she opens the space for community members to gather, connect and share songs - an ancient form of medicine - so needed in today's world. Long story short, Kari is a gift to our community, my family and my personal healing journey. ~ Franny Weikert,