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creating space

Creating space within my breath, within my body, within my relationships, within my work, within my play, within my day opens me up to receive the Grace of the moment.

Opening up to grace, I create space

Space to breathe

Space to be

And space to explore me

Space to try new things and succeed

Space to try new things and fail

Space in a pose

Space within you and me

Space to lead with ease

Space to trust when I don’t know the way

God lives in the space and I meet Him there each moment I choose to pause, breathe and be and allow space to grow and expand.

I can create space in my life because of the Creator of the grace that supports me, holds me and dances with me.

The Divine lives in the space, Love lives in the space, and I am transformed by the space, as I release the constriction my thoughts can lead me into when I take on more than what is healthy for me – when I look to status, toxic relationships, or possessions as an identity or a filler of my soul’s cup of love.

When I live life with space and openness to grace, I am enough, I can cease striving and I can be. I learn new things, new awareness’s about myself, others, God and the earth.

I meet God in the space of life and their my joy is found. It’s where I am transformed from the inside out.