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the true meaning of happiness

I think I am now starting to get it.

Get what?” you ask.

Oh, just the true meaning of happiness, that’s all. :)

Recently, the nugget of wisdom I am about to share, has been rocking my world.

So, let me share what I am realizing is the true meaning of happiness: This is BIG, drumroll please...

Everything that crosses my path is apart of my happiness. EVERYTHING.

Let me explain.

I have been becoming more aware of my tendency to want to avoid pain at all cost (sound familiar?) and that when pain does come I want to blame myself or others and try really hard to not let it happen again (so not helpful) because it has totally messed up my plan, schedule or ideals; instead of allowing myself to be with the sensations of pain and uncomfortableness it brings and actually seeing it all as a gift.

Light and the dark, the pain & the joy, the fear and the faith; that these dualities of life are to be embraced. Not run from, not numbed to, and not depended on for my safety, security or identity.

I am finally seeing the dark as a gift, the challenges as messengers, and the pain as healing - all as kisses from the Divine.

All of it - the ups, the downs, the excitement, the grief, the hopes and the disappointments of my life are all apart of me truly living. Allowing myself to experience the raw emotions, letting my guard down, giving permission for the anger to flow, acknowledging fear as it arises, surrendering the unknown to a known God - this my friends is true happiness.

The movie called Hector and the search for Happiness depicts so beautifully the truth about where happiness is found. This movie showed, in a masterfully done creative way, the reality of these truths. Hector, who is a psychiatrist, goes on a trip around the world to research what makes people happy, so he can better help his clients, but truly to help himself break free and break out from his robotic, suffocating life. He encounters many different situations that fill him with excitement, joy, romance and pleasure, as well as pain, suffering, fear, grief and disappointment. The climax of the movie is when he finally realizes that happiness is found through the culmination of experiencing the light and the dark of life. That it wasn’t about living in the perfect place, marrying the perfect person, having the perfect job, doing what you want, when you want. It was about surrendering, letting go, feeling and experiencing all emotions, and being with all parts of who you are.

There is so many distractions in our lives that can cause us to think that they are what we need to be happy - more stuff, more tools, more connections, more money, more land, more children, more time, and the list goes on.

So here is my attempt at describing what happiness is meaning to me now:

Happiness is walking outside in the rain and being drawn into the aroma of the fresh flower blossoms on the trees.

Happiness is being there for a friend when they are dealing with health issues and are scared.

Happiness is laying in the sun as it kisses your body with its warmth.

Happiness is the ability to begin anew after a disagreement with your your partner.

Happiness is being able to move, play and dance in the temple of grace you live in each day, your body.

Happiness is choosing to forgive when you don’t feel like it.

Happiness is reuniting with a friend.

Happiness is when grace greets you at your door after a gut-wrenching cry.

Happiness is breathing deeply and feeling peace in your body & soul.

Happiness is when every time a door closes, a new one opens...always.

Happiness is singing in the rain, or in the shower.

Happiness is sharing your truth.

Happiness is when your dog cuddles up to you when you are taking a nap.

Happiness is when you are at playing in the ocean with your best friend.

Happiness is an answered prayer at the perfect time in the most unassuming way.

Happiness is the comfort and love you feel from your tribe when you lose a parent.

Happiness is choosing to step out of your comfort zone every single day and be who you really are.

Happiness is a hot bath after a long day.

Happiness is knowing your whole self - both the light and dark, welcoming them all into your home and loving them unconditionally.

Happiness is experiencing all of life ~ and the raw emotions that arise ~ and being grateful for all of them.

Welcome to the true meaning of happiness.