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a new chapter in the forest

It’s been a bit since I have been fully active in my writing on my blog. Like you, life has brought transitions and opportunities to begin again. I have been in a cocoon for awhile processing these transitions and feeling more ready to emerge to share new insight I gathered from them.

I have come to learn that life is very much filled with cycles. New beginnings, endings, and all sorts of variations in between. There are creative cycles, rest cycles, business cycles, raise children cycles, relationship cycles, loss cycles, retirement cycles, women’s monthly cycles, and so many more.

I have been in a rest and reset cycle in the last year and a half of needing to truly make my own self-nourishment a top priority as I navigated transitions in my health, relationships and work. Unfortunately, this is not a popular concept in our American culture, though I think it should be at the top of all of our lists of priorities. When its not at the top the intelligent body you live in will let you know. Mine sure did. In the last 18 months, I have navigated the Epstein Barr Virus, spurred on by emotional and chronic stress and internal and external pressures, causing my hormones to go out of balance, and my immune system to be suppressed. Debilitating fatigue, constant sickness, and eventually mono were the results.

When we are depleted, out of balance, and lacking focus and passion, these are sure signs its time to make some changes. As a self-care advocate, health coach, and yoga teacher teaching about self-care, it was time for me to give myself another whole level of care and nurturing.

Wherever you find yourself in your cycles - self-care has to become top priority.

When you choose to look at EVERYTHING in your life and truly ask the question, “Is this nourishing me or draining me?” there are bound to be endings. Not only externally but also internally. Endings frighten us most of the time. But I think we often don’t think about is that endings create space for new beginnings. Something even better. Which is hard for us to imagine when we are in comfort of knowing everything about our current life.

I have been in a process of reviewing everything in my life - relationships, work, where I live, friends, community and how I spend my time. If I have felt like I was extending myself too much, it needed to be shifted so that it supported me, as well.

My relationships have shifted. I went through a divorce, thankfully in a conscious manner with my ex, but still a divorce. A major loss of an idea about what you thought your life was going to be like with that person. A big transition where some move on completely and some get to still be in each other's lives because it's still beneficial. I hope for the latter.

A new, supportive and very nourishing relationship has entered my life. There is laughter, there is great joy, there is honesty, there is passion, and their is deep respect for the other. My heart feels so full and so held.

It's amazing how much space for love, grief, joy and heartache the heart can hold all at one time. WOW.

My work has shifted. My body was feeling so depleted that it really pushed me out of a cushy job that wasn't serving my best anymore. It took that kick in the butt to make a change, because I was afraid to leave. Things had shifted for me that for the first time in a very long time, I didn't need to stay in the job for financial security reasons. But my identity and sense of security (someone else taking care of me) was very much wrapped up in it. Sometimes you really do have to let go of something for the new to come in. And you have to trust a lot. Thankfully, I still have a relationship with that company and am now a part-time independent contractor focusing my energy on teaching yoga, where my passion lies. I am doing some part-time writing/editing work and re-branding my business.

The way I spend my time as shifted. My inner world has shifted. I am better at saying no and saying yes to things my heart lights up about. I have more space and time to be, to listen, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings I live in and the people I live in it with. I have been making jewelry. Walking in the woods and learning the names of mountain flowers. Reconnecting with old friends. Napping in the hammock. I have read every Sophia Kinsella book at the library.

Rest has been imperative. Space has been vital. Daily nourishing self-practices have been deep ointment for my healing. And thankfully, I am feeling like a new person. My body is coming back into harmony and my energy is returning to a more normal functioning level.

During the last two years, I have been involved with a 300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training that has felt stretching (no pun intended - ha!), supportive and transformative. Learning yoga as therapy has been such a powerful tool in supporting my own self-nourishment. It has connected me to my body and has supported me stepping more fully into my unique, authentic self. It has fed the passion deep inside of me to bring powerful, life changing tools to people’s lives to experience healing and nourishment to better navigate their lives and to love and care for themselves in a whole new way.

Out of all of our challenges bring opportunities to support others as they travel a similar path. My own journey continues to fuel my passion as a women’s health coach and yoga teacher to support women in bringing balance to their body, knowing powerful tools to release stress and shift the nervous system, and to connect to their body and themselves like never before.

I've been in a re-branding stage of my business as I have been listening to what it is I am bringing forth now out of my cocoon. Thus, Mountain Mermaid Wellness was born :) I love it because it so perfectly aligns with what I embody - feeling so at home in the mountains but am such a true blue water girl that longs for time with the ocean. And I now have more space and time to offer health + life coaching sessions, private yoga sessions, teach classes and plan workshops/retreats all on nourishing the body and soul. So feel free to peruse my site to see what I am up to. And if you want to stay in touch, join my newsletter at the bottom of my home page.

If you are living on the planet right now, both your inner and outer world is being shaken up - renewed - rebuilt - restored. We all can choose to resist the changes or to stay open and go with the flow trusting that God’s divine guidance, grace and love is weaving its way through it all. Yes, even through the most challenging trials of your entire life are being used for your good - to be helpful - to shift you more into who you really are and put you on the path you are meant to be on.