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My December insights on self-nourishment

My December insights on self-nourishment ~ ❄️☕️💕 We are heading into the darkest, shortest days of the year. It's time to tie up loose ends and spend more time lingering, pausing, contemplating and resting, all the sweet gift of darkness. It's time to pull back on the reigns of forging ahead and reflect on the year just past. ~

The darkness can bring much needed rest and replenishment to our bodies after a year of many changes, shifts, emotions arising, and new insights abounding. ~

Don't miss out on the gift this month has to offer with over-planning, over-booking, over-doing it for the holiday season.~

Keep it simple, follow the path of what feels most easeful and joy-filled in any moment and let go of what feels anxious or stressful in your body. It's honestly not worth it and you are SO worth honoring what feels most nourishing to you. ~ This specific December also is being influenced by the planet of Mercury going retrograde December 3 - 22nd. The energy that is given off by the planets definitely impacts are days and are offered as a divine gift. The gift of a Mercury (the planet that governs communication and travel) going retrograde is for us to re-visit, re-view, re-flect, re-st, re-evaluate - all of the "re-" words. 2017 was a potent year for many and there is much to honor, give gratitude for, release and bring closure to before we step into 2018 with a clean slate. Grab a journal and let your reflection from the year pour onto the pages. ~

With the winter solstice on December 21st and the holidays bringing back the Light into our world is the perfect time to sit with and envision what is bubbling up in your heart for the year to come. What creative pursuits, spiritual exploration, or experiences would you like to have in your body in the coming year? How do you feel called to be of service with your gifts? ~ So take some time to just BE ~ Relish in the spirit and beauty of the holiday season ~ Rejuvenate yourself with daily self-care practices ~ Release the expectations you put on your self ~ Remember who you truly are when you can just BE.