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January Vibes ~ Nourishment Tips for Body & Soul

Happy New Year to all of you!

Thus starts my monthly writing on the energy vibes for the coming month to guide you in the best ways to support your own self-nourishment.

Welcome to January 2018 and wow what an entrance into a new year it has already been! We entered this year on January 1st with a Full Moon Super Moon in the sign of Cancer ~ a sign that governs our own self-nurturing and connection to our emotions and subconscious. A sign that teaches us all to embrace and live out more of the Divine Feminine that lives within each of us ~ becoming a mother who nurtures her own soul.

The fullness of the holidays and last days of the year may have stirred up some emotional content for you that finally now in this first week of January you will be able to decompress and allow yourself to feel, be with and move through. Allow journaling or drawing what is on your heart to be a powerful practice in shifting old, stuck emotions.

We actually will then close this month on January 31 with another Full Moon which will have the added potency of being a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo ~ the sign of big love, creativity, passion, honoring our own unique gifts. Eclipses are a time of bigger shifts with this first one supporting more inner shifts in the Leo realm. These sandwiches of full moons are supportive of January being a month to nurture your own inner world, your own creativity, your own passions that guide your heart and actions for the coming year and beyond. 2018 has come for many as a much needed break from the last two years of shifts, losses, inner and external changes, pressure and fiery aspects that brought us through transformation, into more of our true selves and into a greater connection to what is truly most important to each of us, allowing the excess, the old, to fall away. It has left me feeling a little raw, in uncharted territory, living in ambiguity, yet feeling lighter and more on my soul path than I probably have ever felt before. There is a bubbling up of excitement and hope that can come at the beginning of our new year. A fresh slate. A new beginning. Some people are able to step right into the new year with their list of goals and what they want to accomplish for the year. I used to be one of those people. I’d be gung ho on new exercise goals, work goals, travel goals, “doing" goals. And by the middle of February I’d be spinning my wheels or just plain tired. I just knew I was missing something. Over the past few years, I have shifted from that goal/doing/push model to be more connected and in tune with the rhythms of nature and my own inner rhythm instead of what society tells me I “should” be “doing." To connect with that rhythm requires time and space to be, to practice self-nourishment, to follow what feels most easeful and what stirs my heart instead of my mind leading me into what I know and what I have always done. I don’t usually come out of the gate running full speed into a new year. It’s still winter. It’s freakin’ cold. My body still wants to rest, does not want to get out of bed too early and doesn’t want to do much once the darkness comes early evening. Instead I heed the invitation of winter with inklings of reflection, hunkering down, reading, studying, focusing on my own journaling and writing to share with all of you, and creative projects until the light returns and the newness of spring appears in a few months. Now instead of specific goals, I set intentions around how I want to feel in different areas of my life ~ in my body, my relationships, in my work, and spiritually.

I invite you to sit with the questions below this month and allow the answers to arise from your heart:

How do you want to feel this year?

How do you want to feel spiritually?

How do you want to feel in your body?

How do you want to feel in your relationships?

How do you want to feel in your work?

How do you want to feel in your environment? ( think Home and office space, spending habits)

What is your body longing for?

What are going to be your regular self-care practices so your own nourishment cup can be overflowing?

Use this month of January to reset your self-care practices and to set in motion your daily rituals this winter. One practice I highly recommend for all of my clients is to start your morning with prayer/meditation for at least 5 -10 minutes. The morning is the sattvic time of the day, which in Ayurveda is the time of the day where there is a time of balance between the rajasic (rising energy of the day) and tamasic (calming down night time energy). It’s the window when there is a stillness before the day comes in full force and a great time to check in with yourself while sitting in prayer/meditation. You could do it in bed before your kids or dog come to wake you. 😃 This year I am taking a winter sabbatical from the beautiful, but long winters of the Tetons and heading to California to take my beautiful body into the warmth and sun and set her by the ocean and let her mermaid spirit soar. I’ll be blogging and sharing my travels on instagram and facebook so let's stay connected! A big hug and much love to each of you as we enter this New Year!