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March Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Body & Soul

March brings the theme of Emergence. As the winter season begins its slow, steady ascent into spring, we begin to feel the inner emergence from our winter slumber of hibernation. In a couple weeks, the light will return with daylight savings time, serenading us into the beginning of longer days. On March 21st, we will be guided through the gateway from winter to spring when we honor the Spring Equinox ~ where light and day become balanced again and we are ushered into the season of Spring. But for now and the weeks leading up to Spring, we are being asked to move slowly and not to rush anything - the body, an agenda, goals, or even heavy weights. We are swimming in the astrological sign of Pisces right now, a water sign of imagination, connection to our dreams, and to the bigger picture of our lives. Such a sweet time to continue in the rest of winter these last three weeks before we move into spring and all of our resting and dreaming allows the roots that were nourished all winter to begin to sprout. Roots have to be deep and nourished for a plant, tree or flower to sprout. And the sprouts have to stay connected to the roots to grow and thrive. This month, move mindfully with integrity and feet connected to the earth. Consider these 3 self-nourishment tips for this month to support you into the gateway to Spring:

1. Start your day with freshly squeezed orange juice from organically grown oranges. A packed punch of Vitamin C and antioxidants to keep your immune system going strong in the last month of an intense and lingering cold/flu season. 2. Cleanse your body and environment. Focus on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and clean meats. Add in epsom salt baths. Journal. What needs to be released. Where are you pushing. What is asking to be harnessed. Incorporate more rest. Support the cleansing of your liver with a daily dose of Lord of the Fishes pose. Clean out the house. Declutter, declutter, declutter! 3. Pay attention to your dreams at night and your daydream and visions that arise during the day. Write them down or voice record them. Enjoy this month and all the Divine ways nature is providing cleansing, purifying and supportive energy to support the movement of your dreams when you arrive into Spring.