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April Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Body & Soul

From the stillness of the winter time slumber into the first movement into spring, our bodies seek their journey of unfurling themselves from curled up positions on couches, from long days of skiing the powder fresh snow, and from the moments it braced itself from the wind and cold.

The word “unfurl” literally means to “release, to open, to be spread out from a folded state.” Especially now as we cross the threshold from wintertime to springtime, our muscles, fascia, and connective tissue are seeking to release tension, our liver is seeking to release excess toxins, and our skin is seeking to come out from under the covers and shed its old, dead cells. The movements, breath, and intentions of our yoga practice can support us in all of these releases.

A gentle way to support daily cleansing of our liver in lieu of an intensive juice cleanse is by supplementing with Chlorophyll in liquid or tablet form. Scrubbing the skin with a salt or sugar scrub or a dry brush will also support detoxifying the liver as well as support your skin in releasing old, dead skin.

Below the surface of our winter hibernation, insights, creative ideas, and new beginnings have been simmering. Now is the time those simmerings will be begin to bubble to the surface and take form. Yet, just when we think we are ready to sprout these new ideas, the planet of mercury that governs our communication and travels went retrograde March 22nd until April 15th with its effects lingering until May 3. It is pressing the PAUSE, REFLECT, and be PATIENT button on our forward movement. Things are still shifting around us and clarity is yet to come. We must wait. This is the perfect time to review, finish up old business, clear out the closets, re-arrange your furniture, and make time for renewing self-care practices like a massage, acupuncture, energy work, or simply a nap. A great month to take a day, weekend or week-long retreat. Enjoy this month to make space to just be and allow yourself to be rejuvenated for the months ahead. Give yourselves a BREAK.

With love,