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May Vibes: Nourishent Tips for Body & Soul

Spring is such a potent time of new beginnings, of cleansing, releasing, and take grounded steps in the direction of your dreams. And May has so much to offer, can you feel the excitement of spring in the air?!

The month of May started out with celebrating on May 1, in Celtic traditions, Beltane Day, which signifies the half way point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It’s a time of celebrating the abundance of spring and the fertility of the earth as it begins to birth new life on the trees, new blades of rich, green grass, new flowers, and new baby animals being born in the wild. Within each of us, we can feel the inspiration of new ideas, getting outside, cleaning out cluttered spaces, and getting our hands into the dirt.

In astrology, we are traveling through the sign of Taurus, an earth sign that represents our connection to our physical body, to the grounding nature of the earth, to the beauty within and around, to what we love, to our values, the foundations of our life, and the activation of our five senses. It's a sign that grounds the fiery, spring energy that began to stir in April, so that we can move forward on ideas that have roots and integrity.

With all this budding spring energy, you may have noticed feeling a bit scattered, anxious, or overwhelmed. The energy in the body gets stuck going up and out producing that uprooted feeling. Practicing standing yoga poses and seated hip openers helps to ground our energy. My favorite yoga pose right now to ground my energy is Virasana, Hero pose. Practice daily for 3 - 5 minutes.

The planet that governs Taurus is Venus, representing the feminine qualities within each of us and is known as the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility. Venus inspires our style of dress, our connection to beauty, a love of good food, pleasure, sensuality, love, and romance. It's our connection to the good things in life. It’s no accident that Taurus brings us into springtime. The earth is becoming alive, full of life and color, activating all of our senses.

Take time this month to notice your five senses. Here are some ways:

TASTE ~ Slow down to taste, savor and enjoy the flavors of your food. When you eat, do you truly taste your food?

SMELL ~ Take the time to stop and smell the roses figuratively and literally. Defuse essential oils into your office or home and allow the flower sense to improve your mood, to clean the air, and to revive your senses.

SEE ~ Pause to look at the beauty and love around you. An exercise that helps to connect you to the love with your spouse, partner, friend, child, is to sit across from each other (in a chair or cross-legged on the floor). Begin with eyes closed, hands in front of your heart. Then, when you are each ready, open your eyes and look into each others eyes. Do this for 5 - 10 minutes. Then, thank each other. See others and be seen.

TOUCH ~ Hug or simply touch your loved ones to connect to them. Studies show that 12 hugs a day is a deal for our emotional well-being.

HEAR ~ Listen to the sounds of nature. Get a fountain to put in your house so you can hear the soothing sound of water or find nature sounds to listen to while you work.

We are also on the heels of allergy season and some of you may already be experiencing discomforts with runny nose, sneezing, or itchy eyes from the pollen in the air. Here are a few tips on how to keep those symptoms at bay:

1. Use a Neti pot daily. Then, put sesame or coconut oil in your nostrils to lubricate them.

2. Drink Nettles tea or take in a tincture form.

3. Acupuncture is such a gift during allergy season! Acupuncturist, Lori Lloyd, recommends taking the Standard Process supplement, Antronex at the sign of symptoms. It’s more gentle on the liver and system then Benadryl and can be just as beneficial.

4. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet free of dairy, gluten, and sugar. Replace your morning coffee with herbal tea or green tea if that works for your system. Drink lots of water.

5. Showering or taking baths in the evening can clear off any pollen stuck in your hair.

Use this month to connect to your body, to relish in self-care, to experience your five senses in new ways and notice how it connects you more to yourself, your loved ones, and the natural world around you.