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July Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Body and Soul

JULY invites us into a dance of the Feminine and the Masculine ~ The receptivity and rest interweaving itself with purposeful action and passion we feel during these vibing summer months. Its invitation to step into the flow of our lives and to let go ~ to trust and have faith that all the inner and outer shifts are indeed are for our own best interest, our own healing, our own freedom. .

These two qualities of energy, Feminine and Masculine, present within each man and woman are not based on gender, but help us to understand how each energy informs our actions, our choices, our own natural rhythm. The Feminine teaches us to surrender, release, let go, soften, live more from our heart and intuition. The masculine is our ego, which we all need a healthy dose of to create healthy boundaries, to assert ourselves, our thoughts, our voice when clearly unjustice things are happening in our world or down the street. To take action upon. The marriage of two more powerful then either one on its own.

We moved into the astrological sign of Cancer on June 21st, the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, full of light. I love the Divine organization that during the time when the sun is most intense, bright and high in the sky, it passes over the Tropic of Cancer and balances out the sun's solar intensity of masculine energy with the soothing, go with the flow, feminine nature of the star sign of Cancer ~ the symbol of the Crab. Protective shell around the softness. Sensitive. Intuitive. Stays close to its tribe. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents our emotional nature. The moons nature is feminine ~ inward, receptive, cooling, releasing. It reminds us that amidst all of our duty, responsibilities and outer expression, we must balance it with our own self-nourishment and a connection to our emotional realm. To our heart. Honoring our own needs amidst our family and work. Being nurtured by our home.

All of the astrological signs dwell within each of us. They are simply a mirror of our own psyche, emotional realms, and archetypes that live in our inner world. Some of us have stronger experiences with certain planets and signs based on our own natal birth chart, with the sun, moon and rising signs showing us so much about ourselves and our soul’s path. The outer cosmos being a reflection of the inner cosmos. If you are curious about your own natal chart, book an Intuitive Astrology reading with me, readings are $25 off for the summer!

There is an abundance of sky energy this month with two eclipses and and planets in retrograde, a New Moon Super Moon in Cancer on July 12 and a Full Moon in Aquarius, partnered with the longest Lunar Eclipse of this century, on July 27. Stay close to your heart. When making a decision, place your hand on your heart, and ask yourself how do you truly feel about the choice? Such a powerful time to stay grounded and connected to who you truly are. Your truth shining through you with love and gentleness that Cancer teaches us. Returning continually to self-compassion.

The sign of Cancer reminds us that we are mostly made of water. Connecting us to the water element within ourselves and our body. In the body, the water element is experienced in our hips. The hips seek fluidity and suppleness partnered with stability. In my work as a yoga teacher in Teton valley, Idaho, where active lifestyles express an abundance of masculine energy, I see a lot of tight hips in both men and women. If the hips become too congested, the low back can suffer and so can the digestive, elimination, and sexual organs. Energy wants to freely move there. We hold so much anxiety and fear in our Psoas muscles, the deepest layers of muscles located at the front of our hips that connect our torso to our legs - called the the Muscle of the Soul. This month, explore Reclined Bound Angle pose which opens the hips and psoas and surrenders you into your own Feminine receptive self. Also, to move the hips in a feminine, flowing way helps to move energy blocks. Swaying the hips side to side, moving the hips forward and back, in figure eight circles. Letting go, dance, SHAKE THOSE HIPS! Yes this goes for men too! Let loose, let go, surrender.

We are in Eclipse season, which happens two times each year, once in winter and once in summer. Eclipses are a time of endings and new beginnings, which you may be experiencing now. You may be feeling a sense of disorientation and pulled into more of a reflective space, like someone pushed the pause button. You may also be experiencing a ton of Divine downloads, new creative impulses and/or be in a very internal place right now. Many planets in retrograde support this reflection of the past. We must understand and learn from our past so we can move into our future with integrity. In this last year, I have been finding myself in what feels like a sabbatical - in the space between stories - in the mystery. It’s unnerving and exhilarating all at the same time. A time to venture out. To try new things. To let go of what is known. To step into the mystery knowing that Divine guidance and love is always there supporting me.

If you would like support during your own life transitions, I am offering in person and distance holistic healing and counseling sessions to support you in moving through blocks, connecting you to your true essence, and to support your body's well-being.

July is supportive and powerful. Step into the flow and let go.