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September Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Body and Soul

It feels a bit like September snuck up on us, doesn't it?! Ready or not here we are!

September is one of my favorite months of the year here in the Tetons. The smoke has been cleared out from our first snow in the mountains and the light is starting to change into its orange glow on the fields of golden hay that are being harvested this time of year. It is a surreal place to be. So much inspiration from the earth.

As we enter into this month, we are being guided under the Astrological star sign Virgo, who's archetype is "The High Priestess Doing Her Sacred Work. "

Her gifts are to connect us back to the earth. To our bodies. To routine and habits of self-care. Taking our creative ideas and dreams we shared on those hot summer day floats down the river and bringing them into form and structure, so we can start to feed them in our practical daily lives. Virgo also rules our health and the way we work and serve others.

She reminds us the importance of taking care of our body and being embodied within it. Being OK in our own skin, at home in our body, this is what true embodiment is. To be with all of the sensations, feelings, emotions, pain and experiences within our body and allowing that information to guide us into our truth and actions. To practice self-compassion as we sit with all we are experiencing. Choosing to go into the experience instead of trying to run from it.

After the summer of three eclipses and many planets in retrograde guiding us internally to reflect, re-do, heal and process, many of us have been through a slew of internal and perhaps even external changes. What we once valued has changed. What we once believed has changed. What we thought we wanted to do has lost its luster and we are being guided to return back to our body and our heart do dwell there in our being-ness. With God, Spirit, the Divine. This is the place where we connect with our true authenticity and integrity. We do not find it through our mind, through trying to be like other people, or doing what we think we're supposed to do to gain societal or family approval. We can’t find it anywhere else but sitting quietly with ourselves, with awareness of our breath, in prayer or meditation, in nature, in being in relationship to others who mirror back who we really are.

I invite you this month to connect with your body, your breath and be in the asking of "Is this still true for me?" "Is this still honoring me and serving my well-being?" When we are serving from a true, authentic place, our service becomes more potent, powerful and effective. We can learn to be more embodied through movement practices like yoga or free flowing dance and movement that connects us to our body, to our senses, to pleasure and to pain. We come into our bodies when we ground ourselves and our energy by putting our feet on the ground (literally if we can!), through the breath in our bellies and in stillness and pausing throughout our day. If you need more tips on embodiment, check out Michaela Boehm's new book, The Wild Women's Way ! I got to know Michaela at her workshop at Esalen last fall and have resonated deeply with her work.

With these thoughts in mind, here are my body and soul nourishment tips for September:

~Spend a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes a day sitting in a comfortable seated posture like the yoga pose, Sukasana, and simply close your eyes and focus on the awareness of your breath. Then, check in with yourself: "How am I feeling today in my physical body, my emotional body, and my mental body?"

~Another inquiry for this month is about your own sacred service. What makes you come alive? What makes you feel juicy inside? I love this quote - “Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

~Come back into your daily self-care routine. Summer gives us a break from routine then September invites us back in to support our well-being with daily self-care habits. What is your morning routine? I enjoy getting up and right away drinking some warm lemon water, making a green tea matcha latte with almond milk, sitting in meditation and prayer, doing yoga, and writing down what seems to be the priorities of the day. Then, I eat some breakfast with some protein and fat and I go on with my work for the day. If I have a longer time in the morning I like to do more yoga or take my dog on a walk or get out into nature. Find what works for you, even if it’s just two minutes sitting up in bed to breathe and pray and set your intentions for the day before the kids come in. Whatever it takes for you to connect with yourself and have a routine that supports your well-being.

~Join a yoga class in your area and allow yoga to bring you back into your body and breath regularly, so you can learn the tools to be embodied off of your mat. If you are in Teton Valley, check out our NEW fall schedule at Yoga Off Little! Jordan and I will be offering a Buddha Lounge class on Sunday September 16, October 7, and November 4, 10a - 12p, featuring Qigong, yoga and sound that's sure to be relaxing and rejuvenating.

Enjoy these nourishment tips and if they have helped you in any way, please comment below!

Much love,