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November Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Body and Soul

As we have entered this first week of November, it has felt like a month that we are walking slowly and cautiously into. As we have moved into the astrological sign influences of Scorpio, a deep water sign, we are being beckoned to dive deep under the surface of our lives.

The situations we face. Our own emotional terrain. Our uncertainties. Our fears. Scorpio teaches us about the forces in our lives that are beyond our control and how we respond to them. Other people's behavior. The weather. The financial system. Death. Inheritances. Investments. Taxes. The speed of our healing.

We enter into the quiet, rawness of November with a feeling of vulnerability. The trees have shed their leaves, exposing themselves to the elements of sun, wind, rain, sleet and snow. Like the bareness of the trees, the veil is more thin within each of us and all around us. We must feel to heal. No matter how painful, how big, how deep, how disruptive. And with the planet Venus retrograde since October 5 and sitting their introspectively through November 16, we are being called to sit with and be with, explore, and seek healing in all things hidden in the realm of our values, love, money, relationships, and our own self-worth.

Have you noticed yourself or others around you seeming more sensitive? Perhaps things you normally wouldn’t take personally are triggering you like never before. The season and planetary energies are supporting us all in healing that which is below the surface. Nothing can be hidden right now. Our truth will come out. Our own shadow. We are reminded that what is triggering each of us has everything to do with the wounds and patterns within each of us that are still seeking to be held ~ acknowledged ~ cared for ~ healed ~ liberated.

And in this Scorpio season that reminds us that we are truly not in control of our lives like we think we are, there is an invitation to let go. Let life go. Let go of that which isn’t for your best now, trusting it has served its purpose.

There is a Zen Proverb that says, “Let go or be dragged.” Ha! This quote has been resonating with me deeply. Often I hold on way too long even though the voice within me nudges me long before to tell me its time to move on, and then I need a Divine kick in the pants to actually take the step. It always feels more painful then if I would have just listened when I heard the call.

This is such a supportive time to heal. Create some space for yourself to process what is arising for you. Journal. Sing. Cry. Dance. Paint. Scream. Do yoga. Pray. Write a letter to someone you need to share your true emotions with and then burn it and let it go. Go to counseling. Receive Reiki or Biofield Tuning to release old, stagnant energy patterns. I am personally finding it very helpful to physically move the body when I am feeling stuck in a mental or emotional pattern - I’m loving dancing and free movement to shake the body out of its visceral emotional pattern where old emotions can get stuck in our body causing disharmony and dis-ease.

Be grateful for what is arising for you. I have been in the midst of healing an injury the last six months and amidst the moments I feel limited and discouraged, I am slowly making my way to gratitude for the gifts this injury has taught me, led me into, revealed to me because I have had more space and time to listen.

And if you are having a tough day, by all means, make your self a cozy cup of chai tea or hot chocolate (I have been loving Crio Bru!), take a few deep breaths, and be extra gentle and gracious to yourself. Most of all ~Deeply and completely love yourself.

With love,