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Ode to My Human Family

Wow! Here we are on on the last day of 2018 ~ As I have been reflecting on both the lighter and the darker moments of my year, I began to write to my human family members who had a rougher go in 2018 ~ and as I began to write, I realized that the gratitude I wrote below is everything that I had needed to say to myself as well. ❤️❤️

May this be a day to honor yourself for all you traversed through this year and celebrate that YOU MADE IT THROUGH ~ WE MADE IT THROUGH! We might be covered in blood, sweat, tears - feeling battered and bruised but we made it through.

So here goes my ode to myself and my human family for 2018:

"Thank you for showing up. Thank you for not giving up.

You are not alone. You never were and you never will be.

I see you ~ I hear you ~ I feel you ~ I understand you.

Thank you for doing your work - the inner kind. The hardest, but most important work we ever can do.

Thank you for enduring the physical and emotional pain, the loss, the fear, the destruction, so that the old ways of being could be released and healed through you. This process is not for the faint of heart.

Thank you for the moments you let yourself feel ~ it all ~ even when every part of you inside wanted to run, hide, avoid and distract yourself from the pain and discomfort.

Thank you for each time you consciously took a deep breath so you could stay present with your pain and discomfort.

Thank you for sharing your truth ~ exposing your vulnerability and immense strength to face that which you would have rather ignored.

Thank you for anchoring your Divine Light by choosing to show up. Even on the days you didn’t want to get out of bed. Or the moments you didn’t feel like you had anything to offer another.

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for not giving up.

Thank you for surrendering ~ to God ~ and asking for help and support, letting go of the old thinking that you are meant to handle it all on your own.

Thank you for being vulnerable.

Thank you for letting go of the shit that was weighing you down.

Thank you for being resilient and fragile ~ a whole, integrated human.

Thank you for shedding your skin.

Thank you for being the forerunners of a new way of life, of being, of living. Thank you for allowing your challenges to bring about greater compassion for yourself and for others.

Thank you for letting go of the resistance to put your own needs first, to be loving and compassionate toward yourself, and to allow yourself to rest and just be. Your love, rest, prayers, meditation, yoga, alone time, deep breaths, emotional and physical healing is not only impacting your own path back to your true, Divine nature, but is impacting each and every one on this beautiful planet.

Your inner work is not in vain, but being used for a greater purpose, a greater shift that is happening within and around us.

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for not giving up. Your authenticity is shining more brightly. What you gained from your journey into the darkness is being revealed through the light of your love and the depth of your faith.

You are the beautiful lotus that grows out of the mud. Bring only what you need into 2019 and just let that other shit go."

I love you and I am proud of you, Love your fellow human family member, Kari