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February Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Your Body & Soul

Welcome to February! January was a big month with two Eclipses (January 5th Partial Solar Eclipse & January 21st Total Lunar Eclipse) supporting A LOT of clearing out, cleansing, and transforming old thought patterns and ways we each see and do things. Hallelujah! Not so easy of work as it may have felt intense at times and yet other times incredibly liberating!

Now that we are through Eclipse season and all planets are in forward movement this month, there is so much supportive energy to feed the forward movement of your ideas, vision, your dream(s). Little by little, step by step. We are still traversing through the yin, feminine, inward, reflective, slower energy of the winter season inviting us to conserve energy and allow ideas to gestate ~ percolate ~ simmer, instead of trying to name or know the shape of their form yet. To dwell in a state of mystery and faith in the unknown, all qualities of our feminine nature.

In this month's nourishment tips for your body and soul video, I offer insight into the yin, feminine energy and water element of the winter season, how to best support your kidneys and bladder, and the wisdom of the water element of your body, so you can feel aligned with your heart and connected to the wisdom of your emotions.

Here is a follow-up video to awaken your connection to the water element of your hips and yoga poses to support your kidneys and bladder in staying balanced this winter season that I have been enjoying in my personal practice. :)