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March Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Your Body & Soul

This month feels potent for releasing, healing and surrendering more and more to the divine order and the flow of our lives, as we release control and trust in a loving God that never fails us.  

Reflect in the deep compassionate and divine waters of Pisces on the New Moon on March 6th and enjoy both the birth of the Full Moon in Libra and the first day of Spring on March 21st, the official start of the Astrological Year.It's like the new year all over again! The planet Mercury, the Messenger, goes retrograde March 5th - March 28th, sending us messages through insights, our intuition, delays, set-backs, reflection, sending us back to make sure we learn or take care of things in our lives before we can move ahead. Be open to new information that may change your decisions. 

Allow this month to replenish and restore you. Spend some time diving into your artistic and mystical abilities and realms of imagination to connect you to your inner child and to the divine. Invite in transformation and healing, being gentle with yourself along the way.

Check out the rest of my nourishment tips for March in my video below. In my video, I also announce the Nourish Your Inner Child Retreat I will be co-hosting with Penny Murray this June here in the Teton Mountains! Learn more about the retreat here ~

Sit, breathe and allow the words of this song to wash over you ~ a beautiful song to remind us all that when we release control, we surrender to the flow of Love that will always heal us.