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April Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Your Body & Soul

The rejuvenating and inspirational energy of Spring is upon us! From the deep roots we have been cultivating all winter, it's time to sprout and open up to the warmth of the returning sunlight. It's time to cleanse, release, move on from the old and welcome in the new ways of being, living, being with our emotions, expressing ourselves and being in relationships. It's time to lighten up our diets and support our liver and gallbladder in eliminating old toxins, including emotions, in order to allow for our light to be even brighter.

Enjoy my April Vibes: Nourishment Tips for Your Body & Soul to support and guide you in your own self-nourishment this month!

And if you are in Teton Valley, Idaho this month join me for my Spring Nourishment Workshop on Saturday, April 20th, 1 - 3:30 p.m. at Yoga off Little in Driggs. Delight your senses in essential oils, self-massage, yoga, Reiki and relaxation. Space is limited to 12 spots to create an intimate, sacred healing space. Contact me to register!