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Nourish Your Immune System & Nervous System & Stay Healthy with Yoga & Energy Medicine!

I have been studying Energy Medicine Yoga, created by Lauren Walker based on Donna Eden's Energy work, which combines the Five Elements Theory and Chinese Medicine with Yoga. I love this content so much as I have personally experienced its transformation and empowerment of supporting my own body's process of healing from trauma and stress. I have been teaching more of this stress releasing, immune system strengthening and nervous system resetting practices into my Nurture & Nourish classes at Yoga off Little.

The first half of the video is called the "Wake Up" that activate all the energy meridians and organs and help us to wake up, feel alive, feel present and more grounded. The second half of the video I further go into how to support your bladder and kidney meridians and organs, which represent the water element in our body and hold are emotions like awe, child-like wonder and fear. These are the organs of the winter season that tend to go out of balance. Feel all your feelings, stay warm and rested and your kidneys and bladder will flourish in their life force energy!