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Elements of Gratitude Poem

Within the elements that make up nature and my body, I find gratitude swelling up within me! Thank you Mother Earth that I am born resilient. I feel your support under my feet, holding me, grounding me. May you continue to be restored and may all beings support you into balance once again. Thank you Water for your healing, cleansing and nourishment for my soul; For filling up my eyes and overflowing your emotions into my heart, bringing both release and creation, moving the energy of emotion into courage to move forward with trust once again. Thank you Fire for igniting my passion, fervor and strength, using challenging times to burn away that which is no longer needed and creating the ash for the phoenix to rise up within me, bringing with it new clarity, truth and vision. Thank you Air for filling my lungs with inspiration and expansion, carrying the vibrations of my heart out through my voice through words of peace and songs of love. For teaching me that I must inhale to continue exhaling. That the grief that rises up within my lungs is because I care and love so much. And that it’s through each moment of letting go of what was and choosing faith in what is now and what is to come, that I open the door to new found joy. Thank you Creator of and the Light that lives within all of these elements ~ for your greater love, plan, and beauty dwells within the darkness bringing balance.

I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.

You are the light. You are the love. You are the truth. You are.

We are the light. We are the love. We are the truth. We are.